I take the following approach to teaching  fiddle at weekend workshops and week-long summer camps.                                                                                                                                                                                        

   I try to teach so that the fiddle player learns how to approach the  learning of the instrument with a focus on making the bowing enhance the melodies learned. I will teach a small number of tunes, both popular and unusual, focusing on the bowing patterns inherent to, and  specific to each tune learned.  I will highlight and explain what I describe as “Typical Bowing Patterns in Irish Music specific to t he playing of Dance music”.


 A typical class comprises of students of an intermediate level of fiddle playing.

Some experience in learning by ear would be an advantage. More importantly what is required is a positive approach to  and an attempt to learn by watching and listening. In this way the tune and the bowing will come together naturally.


The bowing and articulation of bow patterns in the playing of jigs and other familiar dance rhythms introduced in the early part of the class will provide the basis for a systematic approach to a generic playing of Irish fiddle music suitable for this level of experience.  This will enable the student to identify some repetitive patterns of bowing which, although non specific, will aid the student in understanding the non- random activity of fiddle bow activity in Irish fiddle playing.

..........................................................................................................................................................Tunes Types will include Jigs,Reels, Highlands, Single Jigs, Hornpipes, Slip Jigs and a Slow Air.......other melody types will be taught should time allow.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Audio and selective video recording is encouraged. The notation of the workshop tunes with some typical bowing motifs indicated will be forwarded by email after the class


The focus in this class will be not just to learn more tunes but to improve the ability to play and enjoy the experience of playing the fiddle. A class of 10 -12 would be considered appropriate.


Individual tuition is by arrangement; please contact me directly at  gerryfiddleoconnor@gmail.com


I am an Irish fiddle player, music producer and label owner of Lughnasa Music. Please check out on my projects page the various activities I am presently involved in;  these include performing, teaching, arranging and producing.


 A selection of CDs are available from the Store, including Lá Lugh, Skylark, Journeyman and all more recent projects on which I am working: Oirialla, Jig Away the Donkey and a live Duo album with longtime musical partner, Breton guitarist Gilles le Bigot .


The long awaited album Bilingua by Eithne Ní Uallacháin is now available at Gael Linn label. Please visit Eithne's website for lots of photos and details abouth Eithne's life and her music. 


Recent developments include the publication of Cathal McConnell's song collection "I Have Travelled this Country" and, in collaboration with Fintan Vallely, we have created a mixed media one hour concert presentation of Fintan's  "Companach", the definitive Encyclopedia of Irish Music.


I continue to play as guest musician with  the wonderful White Raven vocal trio  and the celebrated and highly successful veterans of the Irish folk music scene The Irish Rovers. Check out these activities under Projects. 


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