2018 Last Night's Joy - Lughnasa Music  LUGCD966

         Solo Album produced by Dónal O'Connor 

         with Dónal O'Connor, Niall Hanna, Séamie O'Dowd, Mairtin O'Connor, Gerry O'Connor,

         Neil Martin, Seán Óg Graham, Dermot Moynagh 

         Recorded at Red Box Recording Studios, Belfast 

         Engineered by Dónal O'Connor, assisted by Jack Warnock

2018  Compánach - iMusic 

       Double CD   Music from every county in Ireland

       Directed by Fintan Vallely with Tiarnan ÓDuinnchin, Gerry O'Connor, Fintan Vallely,

       Sibéal Davitt, Roisín Chambers, Máire Ní Choilm, Roisín White

       Produced by Dónal O'Connor

       Recorded at Red Box Studios

2014   Bilingua - Gael Linn CEFCD 206 


          Eithne Ní Uallacháin's solo album

          with Gerry O'Connor Gilles Le Bigot, Dónal O'Connor, Shaun Wallace, Neil Martin, Mario N'Goma,

          John McSherry, Nicky Scott, Niall Ó Callanáin, and The String Quartet, (John Fitzpatrick,

          Barbara Fitzpatrick , Sally Butler & Neil Martin) 

          Produced by Dónal O'Connor, Eithne Ní Uallacháin & Shaun Mudd Wallace.  

          Exectutive Producer Gerry O'Connor

          Engineered by S. Wallace at Homestead Studios, Randalstown, Co. Antrim 1997 &1999



 2012   Oirialla - Lughnasa Music  LUGCD965        


           Gerry O'Connor, Nuala Kennedy, Martin Quinn and Gilles le Bigot

           Engineered by Dónal O’Connor at Seachran (now Red Box) Studios, Belfast.

           Content mainly sourced from the collections and private recordings made in the area of Oriel (South East Ulster)



 2011   Jig Away the Donkey - Lughnasa Music LUGCD964


           Music and Song of South Ulster  from Fermanagh to North Louth

           Gerry O’Connor, Martin Quinn and Gabriel Mc Ardle

           Engineered by Dónal O’Connor.     



 2006   In Concert - Lughnasa Music LUGCD963


           Gerry O’Connor and Gilles le Bigot

           Live concert recorded in Douarnanez, Brittany. Engineered by Pascal Rueff



 2004   Journeyman - Lughnasa Music, LUGCD962


           Gerry O’Connor Solo Album with Dónal O'Connor, Paul McSherry, Martin O'Hare, Martin Quinn,  Neil Martin

           Produced by Gerry O'Connor & Dónal O'Connor

           Engineered by Shaun Mudd Wallace.

           Recorded at Homestead Studios, Randalstown, Co. Antrim



 1998 Senex Puer - Sony Music, SK 60385


Lá Lugh (G. O'Connor & E Ní Uallacháin) with Neil Martin, Mario N'Goma, Garry Ó Briain, Seanie McPhail,

Martin O'Hare, Ray Gallen, Gilles Le Bigot, Shaun Wallace, Jim Corr & Dan Donnelly.

Produced by G. O'Connor, E. Ní Uallacháin & S. Wallace

Engineered by S. Wallace at Homestead Studios, Randalstown, Co. Antrim

           Re-released Sept 2011 on Irish Music Licensing / Celtic Airs  CACD280



 1996   Raining Bicycles - Claddagh Records, CC62CD


Skylark (Gerry O'Connor, Len Graham, Garry Ó Bríain & Mairtín O'Connor)

with James Blennerhassett, Donnchadha Gough, Mary Greene, Jimmy Higgins, Martin  Murray, Dave Primm

            Produced by G. Ó Briain

            Engineered by M. Murray, Ring Studios, Co. Waterford.



1996   Brighid's Kiss - Lughnasa Music, LUGCD961        Voted  # 1 Album of the Year


 Lá Lugh (Gerry O'Connor & Eithne Ní Uallacháin)

 with Neil Martin, Gilles Le Bigot, Jim Corr, Mario N’Goma, Seanie McPhail,

 Martin O’Hare, Rose, Dónal and Siubhán O’Connor.

 Produced by E. Ní Uallacháin & G. O'Connor

 Engineered by Shaun Wallace, Homestead Studios, Co. Antrim



1992   Light and Shade - Claddagh Records, CC57CD


           Skylark (Gerry O'Connor, Len Graham, Garry Ó Bríain & Mairtín O'Connor)

           Produced by Garry Ó Briain and Skylark

           Engineered by Sean Devitt, STS Studios, Dublin



1991 Lá Lugh - Claddagh Records, CCF29CD 


Gerry O'Connor & Eithne Ní Uallacháin

with Garry Ó Briain, Neil Martin, Máirtín O'Connor, Gilles Le Bigot & Ray Gallen.

Produced by E. Ní Uallacháin & G. O'Connor

Engineered by Shaun Wallace, Homestead Studios, Co. Antrim

Re-released on LUGCD960 in 2011



1989 All of It - Claddagh Records, CC49CD


Skylark,(Gerry O'Connor, Len Graham, Garry Ó Bríain)

with Máirtín O'Connor, Eithne Ní Uallacháin & Eilish O'Connor.

            Produced by PJ. Curtis

            Engineered by Sean Devitt, STS Studios, Dublin

            Also Wundertüte, CDTÜT72.139; Green Linnet, GLCD3046



1987   Cosa gan Bhróga - Gael Linn, CEF111CD


            Gerry O'Connor, Eithne Ní Uallacháin & Desi Wilkinson

             with Liam Reilly and Mick Daly

            Produced and engineered by Nicky Ryan, Aigle Studios, Dublin

            Released on CD March 2013



1987   Skylark - Claddagh Records, CC46CD


Skylark (Gerry O'Connor, Len Graham, Andrew Mac Namara & Garry Ó Briain)

             Produced by PJ. Curtis

             Engineered by Sean Devitt, STS Studios, Dublin




Compilation Album Tracks

2020  Irish music Magazine Compilation CD 

2019   Irish Music Magazine Compilation CD 


2013   Celtic Colours Vol. XVI

           Track Through the Heather (Oirialla) Odyssey Records CC2012


2013   Irish Ways; Music and Song of Ireland -  IML Irish Music Licencing 

           Track: Omeath Music (Lá Lugh: Senex Puer)


2009   Songs and People of the Sea - Greentrax Recordings

           Track: Bádaí na Scadáin with Dónal O’Connor, pianoRecorded at Seachrán Studios, (now Red Box) Belfast                             Engineered and mixed by Dónal O’Connor


2008    Rogha Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy  - Oidhreacht an Chláir OAC-CD003,

Selected live recordings from the summer school concerts.

Track: Úr Chnoic Céin Mhic Cáinte (lament) & Sean Nugent’s No. 1 & No. 2 (reels)


2006   Ireland - The Greatest Songs Ever Petrol Records

           Track: Mál Bhán Ní Chuilleanáin (Lá Lugh)


2005   Beginners Guide to Irish Music Nascente NSBX.

           Track: The Chicken‘s Gone to Scotland (Journeyman)


2005   Songlines World Music Magazine Compilation CD

           Track: The Chicken’s Gone to Scotland (Journeyman)


2000   Tacsí Vertical Records.

            Track: Tá sé ’na lá (Lá Lugh)

            Recorded live in Findhorn Scotland with Dick Gaughan and Phil Cunningham.

            Produced by Donald Shaw.


1995   Ribium  Folkest, Italy CDE 04


1991   Bringing It All Back Home BBC CD844.

 Track: The Bucks of Oranmore (The Hughes Band - G. O'Connor, M. O'Connor,  Steve Wickham, Adam Clayton, Alec Finn, Sean Ryan, Dónal Lunny.)

 Recording produced by Dónal Lunny; engineered by Andrew Boland.

 Album produced by Bruce Talbot.


1990   The Celts Rise Again Green Linnet, GLCD104.

           Compilation album of Green Linnet artists inc. Skylark


1994   Musita (1987 – 1994)

           Compilation of live recordings at Musita festivals, Northern Italy

           Executive producers - Andrea Del Favero & Claudio Tolomio



Featured / Guest Artist on other recordings

2020 Saints and Sinners  The Irish Rovers  Rover Records IRD0220

2019 Fair Play You All  - Tommy Sands   Spring Records

2019 Up Among the Heather The Irish Rovers Rover Records 

2017 The Unicorn, The Continuing Story - The Irish Rovers  IRD112017


50th Anniversary Live on St Patrick's Day DVD  Rover Records 

2015 Wall to Wall - Martin Matthews 


2015 Songs for the Wee People -  The Irish Rovers  IRD2015


2015  Lament for 1916 -  Raymond P Smyth RSM 2015


2014  The Irish Rovers 50 Years  - The Irish Rovers  IR50CD

2013   I’m an Irishman -  Raymond Smyth Album  RSM 2013


2011   Merry, Merry Time of Year - The Irish Rovers Christmas Album & DVD,  IRD 1111  


2011   Si la Musique Doit Mourir - Tahar Bekri & Pol Huellou, Goasco 2011-2


2010   Auld Springs - Cathal McConnell & Duncan Wood, CXCD 091022


2010   Irish Button Accordion - Eddie Smith, ESM001


2009  Dear Irish Boy - Marianne Green, MEGCD02


2007    The High Hills of Largy, compositions of fiddle player, Sean Nugent.


2006    Time for the Turning -  Kalichi, BHR0601


2005    The Place Where Life Began - Kathleen Dineen & White Raven, LCI5076


2004    By Yonder Town - Marianne Green;


2004    Bodhrán World - Guido Pluiske  


2004    Small Town Blues - Christie Cooney


2004    The Rolling Wave - Patricia O'Neill


2004    Parallel Horizons - David Hopkins, RSCD261


2003     Music of the Céilí Band - Wilcil McDowell; Emerald Records


2002    Sugrú - Eilish O'Connor, TODCD 2002


2002    The Lakes of Sligo - Oliver P Sweeney

I am an Irish fiddle player, music producer and label owner of Lughnasa Music. Please check out on my projects page the various activities I am presently involved in;  these include performing, teaching, arranging and producing.


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The long awaited album Bilingua by Eithne Ní Uallacháin is now available at Gael Linn label. Please visit Eithne's website for lots of photos and details abouth Eithne's life and her music. 


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